31Aug – Term1, Day18

Today’s Learning Objective…by the end of class students should:

  • demonstrate drawing knowledge and skills on quiz

Entrance Ticket

  • none

Lesson Plan

  • Before taking the quiz…NOTE: some questions require you to check more than one box!!!!
  • take the quiz: mechanical drawing and computer aided design quiz
  • discuss materials for mousetrap dragster
    • school will provide: sheets of 1/8″ thick wood (whiteboard material), 1/4 diameter dowels and mouse traps
    • optional: if you want to use material beyond what the school is providing, you may bring it
    • How to link
    • More how to and Physics
    • mas Physics
  • in your engineering notebook document the requirements for the mousetrap dragster
    • review the mousetrap drag race rules and 
    • Scoring 
    • rubric
    • create shall statements for all key things that must be true about the dragster for it to be considered a success
    • make sure your requirements meet all 4 quality criteria: clear, necessary, feasible and testable
  • share your requirements with others on your row and have them share theirs with you…if they have a requirement you’re missing add it to your list
    • quality check each requirement…does each requirement meet the 4 quality criteria


  • none

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